Studio Third World Collective

StudioThirdWorldCollective or studioTWC is a voluntary group of artists, writers, coders, and filmmakers, primarily of south Asian origin, working either individually or collaboratively but often anonymously within challenging political conditions of a rapidly changing subcontinent.

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*The work is interactive with your cursor/mouse/touchpad

"The power of any image primarily resides in the faces in that image". - John Baldessari

The piece is both an ode to the late conceptual artist John Baldessari and a computational extension of one of his playful series where the artist used colored circles to cover the faces of people in photographs. The piece uses the tracking.js library, 6 lines of tracking code, and the canvas API of HTML5 to track and interact with the detected faces in real-time.

The tracking code is used to assign each newly detected face as a unique target in real-time allowing autonomous interaction within objects (target(s)and the tracker(s)) in the sketch.