Fractal Garden: Grow Your Own Code

Group Show

Opening May 21st, 2021

All the work created as part of this show is in reference to, or originated from a factorial recursive algorithm. Welcome to the Symbiocene Fractal Garden.

*The artist webpages are optimized for desktop viewing and thus a computer is recommended for viewing the exhibition.

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Sarshar Dorosti

A multidisciplinary researcher and visual stimuli designer from Tehran, Iran with a background in architecture and experimental cinematic arts.

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An artist who likes to draw with algorithms, mainly using the Processing environment. He is especially interested in generative art and emerging behavior.

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Kayla Lockwood

A New Media Artist who specializes in digital media such as digital illustration and creative code art.

RoneillaBumanlag-s - Roneilla Bumanlag.j

An interaction designer and creative developer based in Toronto. I specialize in UX, AR/VR, and web design.

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Michael Lowe

An artist who makes generative art using code.

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Indhu Kanth

A 3D artist and motion design enthusiast working in kinetic typography and generative algorithms.