The following form is for the open call of the exhibition titled 'Fractal Garden: grow your own code'

🟨 Sketches must display the use of a factorial recursive algorithm (code references below)

🟨 Experimentations with 'Fractal Trees' are encouraged but not required

🟨 Only 1 sketch per artist will be displayed

🟨 All visual code languages will be accepted (P5.js, processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder etc)

🟨 Please provide embed code if your sketch is interactive (iframe, HTML)

🟨 Artists who submit will be displayed on

🟨 Any video must be submitted as .mp4  (no longer than 1 minute and no larger than 100 MB)

🟨 Any images must be submitted as .jpeg or .png (no larger than 10 MB)

🟨 Any GIFs must be submitted as .gif (no larger than 10 MB)

🟨 Artists can provide an artist bio to accompany their work

🟨 Artists can provide an artist statement to accompany their work

🟨 Artists can provide their code to accompany the sketch

Submit to the form at this link:

Deadline: April 24th, 2021 - 11:59pm EST

'Fractal Tree' code references:

Fractal Tree turotiral

P5JS - Code Example

Open Processing - Code Example

Processing - Code Example

OpnProPcessing - Code Example


Symbiocene Gallery encourages submissions from marginalized voices. We are committed to the advancement of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women and Disabled artists and art.