Group Show

Opening February 15th, 2021

Artist List

Francis Mariano

All the work displayed in this show was created as apart of #GENRUARY2021, originally created by the 'Generative Artist Club' and artist Piter Pasma.

*The artist webpages are optimized for desktop viewing and thus a computer is recommended for viewing the exhibition.

Day 1: Triple Nested Loop

Day 2: Rule 30 (click here to learn more)

Day 3: Make Something Human

Day 4: Small Areas of Symmetry

Day 5: How Little Code Can You Write to Make Something Interesting?

Day 6: Triangle Subdivision

Day 7: Generate Some Rules, Then Follow Them by Hand on Paper

Day 8: Curve Only

Day 9: Interference Patterns

Day 10: TREE

Day 11: Use something other than a computer as an autonomous process

Day 12: Use an API

Day 13: Do not repeat