İrem Çoban

İrem Çoban was born in Turkey in 1986. Throughout her life, she has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Therefore, she opted to take her Bachelor’s Degree (1st rank) and Master’s Degree in Cinema at Galatasaray University at İstanbul. She worked as a designer at Galatasaray University Design Unit, and designed a lot of posters, magazines and books. She has participated in group exhibitions, festivals and workshops in various countries such as USA, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey. In the Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies exhibition organized by Primo Piano LivingGallery in Lecce, Italy, she was awarded the best technical practice award and the Silver Certificate for her video "Tell me my future". Her short film “Hear”, which experimentally handles the story of a child bride, has been selected for the offical screening selections of various international film festivals. Her doctorate thesis was awarded with the Doctorate Thesis Research About Gender Scholarship Award in 2020 at the festival organized by Festiva Istanbul Culture and Art Association and Shenema International Short Film Platform. She lives and works in İstanbul. Having used interdisciplinary approach by using a combination of digital drawing, video, film, photography and motion graphics, she aims to convey the multidimensional character of the human that is inherent and to mirror all the dirty clothes stored in the most hidden parts of mind. She thinks that it is important to visualize and materialize internal energies with abstract forms.

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