My name is Calum McDonald and I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. I created topologen to give myself a creative project that feeds my interest in both coding and digital art. Upon finding out that generative art was the combination of these two interests, I instantly wanted to get involved. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and a desire to be creative, exploring generative art was clearly the next step for me. I take a lot of inspiration from the idea that is at the centre of a lot of generative artworks: order vs. chaos. I love to find simple yet beautiful ways to visualise this with my works. My work is hugely inspired by the efforts of artists such as Tyler Hobbs, and musical artists like Max Cooper. The Processing programming language was introduced to me through Daniel Shiffman's YouTube channel and from there, I discovered generative art through creative coding tags on different social media platforms. Processing is my language of choice for generative art as it is built on Java, the language that I’m most familiar with.

dp2-round - Calum McDonald.png

Day 26