Joy of Randomness

Rachel Ehrlich is a generative artist. Her creative process is playful and embraces randomness, bright colors, and the joy that can be found in both. Rachel studied computer science and worked professionally as a programmer before stumbling into generative art through a project initially intended with the goal of learning to program in Rust. During the pandemic, Rachel found her artistic voice and began creating the Joy of Randomness series. Joy of Randomness is a collaboration between artist and technology that celebrates the unexpected beauty of entropy and the possibilities that are unlocked by letting go of control. What started as a way to grow as a programmer has developed into an expression of love of life, bright colors, and the beauty in both. Before Genuary, the focus of Joy of Randomness was on randomness through Brownian motion. While there is still more depth to explore there, Genuary sparked inspiration to expand beyond the initial scope of the series into new shapes, using motion, preselecting palettes to push the boundaries of what Joy of Randomness could encompass.

RACHEL_LOGO-01 - R4chel Art.png